Term & Condition

International Order:

Lower than 250 USD order.
* We will ship without documents (Phyto & CITES)
* Ship by Postage.
* This shipment method. We will take responsibility for the package to be departed from our country. When the package arrived to your country. Customer take your own responsibility if the package is being held by your country's customs.
* If you are not sure. Please check with your customs before place an order....

Over 250 USD order:
* We can provide export documents (Phyto, CITES, ... etc) with cost. We need customer to provide us your Import Permit documents. This depends on each customer's country policy.
* We can ship by Postage, Air Freight (cargo), or customer instructed.

Note: If you are not sure about shipment documents. Please send email to us at: psomboon917@gmail.com

Thanks & Welcome !!

05 December 2021

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